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General presentatin of ARC8

TheRhône-Alpes in the framework of its Regional Strategy for HigherEducation, Research and Innovation 2012 - 2015 has introduced a newdevice called research support Community Academic Research (ARC). This led to the creation of eight CRAs. The scientific definition of perimeters relied heavily on the strategy document "Europe 2020" European Union.

Since1 January 2012, the cluster and the cluster GOSPI 12 "territorial andsocial dynamics" are CRA 8 "Industrialization and science ofgovernment".

Website of the CRA 8:

Gateway device:


Toexplore new modes of economic and social development, pilot systemsthey need, and the social and industrial, could make the regionRhône-Alpes a science laboratory and industrialization of government:

 Redefining organizational performance
 Invent new "values" new "products" new "savings" and new "partnerships"
 Experiment with new devices for public action
 Evaluate and develop management tools and public private
 Decline the notion of social responsibility and public
 Analyze the uncertainty in the world markets and public decisions
 Integrating European and international dimensions "

Scientific areas

Pilot eco-industrial systems
Industrial performance
Management and organization of production systems
Sustainable Supply Chain
Production optimization and Lean Manufacturing
International Comparison
Information system of the company
Design and innovation of sustainable products and services
Methods of eco-innovation, eco-design and co-design
Innovation Management
Innovation, use and acceptability
Process implemented by the actors
Sustainable products and services
Lifecycle management products and services

Social responsibility and public
New industrial organization, economy and functionality CSR
Dynamic development and growth of SMEs and ETI
Changes and quality of work and jobs
The public advocacy: recognition, identification and mutations
The accountability: health, housing, security
The transformations of the social economy

Control devices for Innovation
Clusters and clusters
Utility measure of public policy and collective action
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Educational Research School at the failure
The policy-making: models, controversies, experiments
The Europeanisation of Political Economy

The engineering of government
The support of strategic behavior and management: funding, training, modeling, physical media
Organizations: between science and communication
European models of public policy steering
The metamorphoses of democratic practices
The worlds of the association
Interest groups: genesis, resources, uses

Contemporary social dynamics
Youth and lifestyles
The disruptive phenomena and the ordinary forms of socialization
Labor and employment

Date of update June 21, 2012


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