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Partnerships & Networks
Laboratory of Grenoble for sciences of conception, optimisation and production
Partnerships & Networks
Partnerships & Networks

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Industrial partnership

Manufacturers operate and test our research results

G-SCOP laboratory develops some of his research activities on a network of industrial partners from a large range of economic sectors. Those partners take benefits from the G-SCOP's results in the field of product design as optimization supplychain. The research partnership aims at providing answers to business issues (industry or services) that G-SCOP addresses to help create new knowledge, source of increased competitiveness.
Moreover in the field of industrial engineering, industrial partners may provide a unique testing ground for validating conceptual proposals to improve relevance of the laboratory proposals.
Finally, junior researchers involved in these programs gain valuable expertise for their future employer, thus constituting a pool of skills able to meet the challenges of the future competitiveness.

Forms of partnership

depending on the objectives, the industrial partnership is based on a variety of contractual arrangements:

Expertise, study or research contract from one day to one year. Some examples of recent partnerships:
  • Imagina International, 2010, Engine optimization using relocalization of technical sales and customer allocation to these technical sales, VD Cung, Lemaire P
  • Siemens, 2010, Faisability of a new concept of contact with a focus on thermal performance, F Pourroy
  • Thésame, 2010, scientific expertise for the design of an excellence center dedicated to customer/supplier collaborative relationship, MA Ledain
  • Eurocopter, 2010, Development of a knowledge model of the present and future state of a complex system, application to aeronautics, Z Simeu Abazi, M Di Mascolo
  • E2V SAS, 2011, Organization and production management for a large variety of low volume products in a context of industrialization, F Mangione
CIFRE theses of the ANRT: some examples of recent partnerships
  • ST Microelectronics in 2010, Eco-design of a microelectronic product, Brissaud D
  • Eurocopter in 2011, Management Practices for requirements to steer research activities and ensure the industrialization of the results by product development teams, M Tollenaere, G. Prudhomme
  • Hager in 2011, Contract for accompanying a PhD, Bigeon J, K Hadj Hamou
  • Renault in 2011, Programming and optimization capabilities in a context of long lead times, Penz B, G Alpan
  • Audros in 2012, MDE approach for PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system reconfiguration. M Tollenaere, L. Gzara, Ph. Pernelle more
Institutional Contracts ANR, FUI, CRA Region Rhone Alpes, Europe
  • OPTIFLUX+, Optimisation des flux de production entre fournisseur et donneur d'ordre : Conception et gestion des flux dans l'industrie du véhicule industriel, FUI, G Alpan, Y Frein, Renault Trucks, Mecacorp, Piroux industrie, 2MCP, IFMA, ENISE, , 2011
  • VISIONAIR, Vision Advanced Infrastructure for Research, Europe, F Noel, , G-SCOP, 23 partenaires européens, , 2011
  • IMPROVE, Implementing Manufacturing science solutions to increase equiPment pROductivity and fab pErformance, , , FUI/Europe, M Tollenaere, E.Zamai, S.Bassetto, G-SCOP, ST Microelectronics, ProBayes, ..., , 2009
  • SENSCITY, Conception de nouveaux services urbains, eco-conception de services, , , FUI, D Brissaud, S Ploix, F Mathieu, JM Flaus, O Adrot, P Zwolinski, France telecom, G2ELab, Azimut, Numtech, Dotvision, BHTechno, Alcion, Vebdyn, LIG, Mind, Coronis, , 2009
  • Reactivhome, Mise au point d'un système de gestion des flux énergétiques plug&play pour le bâtiment résidentiel, , , ANR, S Ploix, M Jacomino, Orange lab+INES, Orange Labs, INES, G2ELAB, , 2009
  • ASTER, Architecture pour mémoires Statiques haute performance, , conception d'algorithmes d'optimisation du partage de ressources pour l'auto-test des mémoires., FUI, Y Kieffer, N Brauner, ST Micro, DeFacTo, Dolphin, IROC, TIMA, , 2007


Our industrial partners :

BA Systems
Bon côté des choses

Orange Labs
PCO Innovations Photowatt

Piroux industrie
PSA Peugeot Citroen
REYES Construction
Saft Batterie

Schneider Electric
ST Microelectronics

Date of update March 12, 2015


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