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Contribution to the improvement of the testability and the diagnosability of complex systems

Thesis Director : Zineb Simeu-Abazi (HDR)
Co-Director :         Eric Gascard

PhD School : EEATS

Start date :September 2018

Brief Description :

The requirements of dependability and the increasing complexity of systems require increasingly an adapted testing and diagnostic techniques. This need becomes necessary in the case of heterogeneous systems, which combine different technologies such as in cyber physical systems or embedded systems where electronic, mechanical, networks and software components are including. Each domain has its own test methods, which are largely found in the literature. This thesis focuses on the implementation of an efficient approach that combines the different methods for the global system. These developments will make it possible to formally define the testability and diagnosability requirements in order to minimize maintenance costs.

Contact(s) : Z. Simeu-Abazi (
Eric Gascard (

Date of update March 8, 2018

Université Grenoble Alpes