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The G-SCOP laboratory welcomes young students wishing to discover the world of research in the areas corresponding to their level of education, this in accordance with the legislative and regulatory framework reference:

  • Article L612-9 of the Education Code : "The duration of internships or by the same student in the same company may not exceed six months per year of teaching".
  • The decree of application of Law No. 2014-788 of 10 July 2014 towards the development, coaching courses and to improve the status of trainees was published November 30 in the Official Journal.
  • When the training period is over two consecutive months (44 days or 154H per month), it must be the subject of a gratuity by the host organization. The bonus is set by industry or professional consensus agreement; failing to 13. 75% of the hourly social security ceiling defined under Article L 241-3 of the Social Security Code.
And two home opportunities are applicable to laboratory:

Training course not rewarded :

  • 3rd Stage a week of discovery
  • The welcome aim of contributing to the formation under MASTER engineering course of  study   1st year
  • Internship less than two months

Qualifying period for gratuity under Articles D 612-56 D 612-60 of the Education Code.          

  • 2nd year internship MASTER
  • Student Internship ERASMUS
  • Training Excellence: electives offered only to students of the first two years of the two years of    the program have had very good results in examinations
    • Minimum 16/20 L1 in the first half for the internship end of first year
    • Minimum 15/20 average of 2 semesters of L1 and L2 the first half of the end of the second year.
  • Gratification of these courses Excellence is funded from the budget of the vice presidency training.

All internship leads to the establishment of an agreement issued by the home institution in 3 copies. Initialed each party a copy to each actors (Home institution, host institution trainees)

Date of update March 12, 2015


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