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Methodological approach to the analysis of the transformations of product co-design activity in an augmented reality environment (provided)

Thesis Director : Jean-François BOUJUT, Cédric Masclet
PhD School : IMEP2
Start date : Octobre 2018
Proposed funding :

Brief Description :

Our project is to develop complementary works to those already engaged with Politecnico de Milano under the SPARK Project (H2020-ICT). We would like to conduct an analysis of the co-design activity of an object in a mixed reality environment to articulate the contributions of technology in the design process in terms of usability, usability, and usability. of the platform by the users. (Note that co-design sessions are work meetings involving designers and end-users, which are concept assessment and idea generation meetings for artifact design.)
Indeed, the co-design activity between designers and customers encounters many obstacles related to the lack of familiarity of customers with practices and design tools.
According to the data already collected by the two structures, we aim to cross our results in order to extract indicators of categorization of gestures called "ephemeral". In addition, as previously announced, our ambition is to combine quantitative analyzes of the variables of "speech" and "gestures" and the qualitative analysis of the activity on a task prescribed to the users in order to bring out recommendations on the design of HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) and to build methodologies adapted to the participation of non-experts in co-design sessions.

Contact(s) :

Cédric Masclet :
Jean-François BOUJUT :


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