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Resilience of maintenance teams for complex industrial equipment

Supervisor Name: Michel TOLLENAERE, Eric ZAMAI, co-tutelle Samuel BASSETTO (EP Montréal)
Doctoral School : IMEP2
Start Date : 1er septembre 2015
Financing - Context - Partnerships : Request from the Region (ARC8) / negotiation with ST

Positioning and Challenges  :
The current micro-electronic production presents a rare complexity and sophistication, and is subject to very rapid changes in its markets. Over 200 successive operations requiring very expensive equipment, and eight weeks of cycle times are required to obtain a product (wafer) having a thousand components. Each of these operations has many "risks" of non-compliance leading to degraded products unfit for purpose. For the development of these complex production operations, the production line is used at the same time as a research tool, prototyping, and mass production. In this rapidly changing environment, the maintenance of optimal characteristics of the equipment is an ongoing challenge that mobilizes fault detection, diagnosis and relevant action plans for the teams: knowledge management in such an environment is an ongoing challenge.

This research project aims to address some of these challenges by mobilizing very large masses of data from the productive system. It will result in publications (IJPR, Loss Prevention, Computers in industry) but also on software simulators operated in our Masters courses and engineers. Academically, the project interested Grenoble INP and the Polytechnic of Montreal.


Michel Tollenaere,
Grenoble INP, G-SCOP,

Date of update May 7, 2015


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