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Think the second life of a battery right from its design phase: from electric vehicle application to a stationary use for energy storage

Supervisor Name :: Guillaume Mandil
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Positioning and Challenges

In the context of an industrial renewal targeting sustainable and clean products and in favour of circular economy, intensifying the use phase of a product is one of the possible options. Allowing a second life to products helps reducing environmental impacts on the production phase thanks to resource need reduction and on end-of-life thanks to waste reduction.

We are looking to develop an original and generic methodology based on a life cycle model of product having two distinct use phases and providing the ecodesign of a product along its entire life cycle.

To start with, the methodological development will be based on a case study: lithium-ion batteries integrated in electric vehicle as first use and, as second use, used for stationary applications in order to store energy storage from renewable and intermittent energies (photovoltaic, windpower, fuelcell, ...). Then, the thesis work will try to render the methodology generic and applicable to other products with multiple uses.



Contact(s) :

Guillaume Mandil
+33 (0)4 76 57 47 76

Date of update May 7, 2015


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