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Collaborative Design
Laboratory of Grenoble for sciences of conception, optimisation and production
Collaborative Design
Collaborative Design

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Collaborative Design

The Collaborative Design Group develops research projects in order to understand and model the complex interactions between experts involved in the design of manufactured products and/or related services. We develop models (based on mental and physical representations), tools (communication plateforms, shared environments, visualisation and interaction devices) and methods (lean design, knowledge management,early suppliers involvment, etc.) to foster these interactions.Example includes, collaboration in project reviews, communities of practice, etc. [Learn more...]



  • Engineering design
  • Innovation (Industrial R&D )
  • Cooperation - coordination - collaborative work
  • Knowlege management and learning processes (serious games, communities of pratice).
  • Design Experimentation (in companies, in lab)
  • Interoperability (tools and information systems)
  • Cooperative systems
  • 3D Visualisation (CAD environnements, 3D holography, ...)
  • Human Computer Interactions, Human to human mediated interactions (haptic, holography...)


The European infrastructure Visionair "VISION Advanced Infrastructure for Research calls for the creation of a European infrastructure for high level visualisation facilities that are open to research communities across Europe and around the world. By integrating existing facilities, Visionair aims to create a world-class research infrastructure for conducting state-of-the-art research in visualisation, thus significantly enhancing the attractiveness and visibility of the European Research Area (ERA).With more than 20 members across Europe participating, VISIONAIR offers facilities for Virtual Reality, Scientific Visualisation, Ultra High Definition, Augmented Reality and Virtual Services.


The major aims of this project are to provide SMEs operating within Collaborative Networks (CNs) in industrial clusters, with a novel cost-effective approach and associated tools to enhance innovation within their organisations. This will be achieved by focusing on the following objectives:
developing an improved understanding of the knowledge-base, capacities and mechanisms that generate Absorptive Capacity (ACAP) of SMEs embedded in CNs
operationalising the concept of ACAP by developing a maturity-assessment tool to enable SMEs to measure their absorptive capacity and gauge their performance
providing SMEs with an organising tool based on novel serious gaming and socialisation techniques that model ACAP practices in innovation projects to implement best practices and enhance SMEs’ reflexivity.


The focus of this project is on research, development and exploitation of new or emerging technologies (e.g. 3D and augmented reality technologies) for digital content creation to support the creative and media industries and for unlocking complex information and media and interacting with them.


The German and the French national research foundations DFG and ANR co-finance a joint project open source product development. The total funding amounts to approximately 780,000 €. Researchers are planning to develop an open design platform which aims at combining and organizing the knowledge and skills of contributors in open source design projects.

Date of update June 29, 2020

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