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Operations Research for Production Systems
Laboratory of Grenoble for sciences of conception, optimisation and production
Operations Research for Production Systems
Operations Research for Production Systems


Operations Research for Production Systems

A production system involves constant and numerous decisions that greatly impact its performances. Our team develops the methods to help engineers to make the best choices when designing or using production systems.
Such systems range from a simple machine on a production line to a complete logistic platform with many interacting industrial partners.
We show that optimization is playing a key role for specific elements of these systems. We work at establishing the complexity of these problems before building models and dedicated solving methods relying on discrete mathematics and operations research. More precisely, the approaches we propose are often based on graph theory, linear programming, meta-heuristics, dynamic programming or constraint programming.


Main collaborations

Some examples of the main collaborations :
Other collaborations ...


Research projects

  • Project COOL (CO2 and lotsizing) : funded by CNRS, national project
  • International supply chains : funded by the county and EMI of Rabat, international project
  • Sustainable supply chains : University of Laval (Québec), international project
  • Scheduling : funded by CNRS, Minsk (Belarus) +?, international project
  • PHC Volubilis (voir avec Marie-Laure) : funded by the gouvernement, Poznan (Poland), international project

Date of update November 9, 2021

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