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Production System and Operation Management
Laboratory of Grenoble for sciences of conception, optimisation and production
Production System and Operation Management
Production System and Operation Management


Design, Operations Management and Engineering of Systems and Services

Our research concerns the dynamic production systems of goods and services, subject to uncertainties. We seek to develop methods to help in decision making and to ensure good performance of such systems, despite the uncertainties.

Our approach is based on modeling, analysis and optimization of the systems under study. We use tools and develop new methods, particularly adapted for or issued from discrete event systems and operational research. These are either stochastic tools (Queueing networks, Stochastic Petri Nets, Markov chains, Simulation, Markov Decision Processes, etc.) or deterministic ones (Linear Programming, Automata Theory, Petri Nets, Logical Reasoning, Interval Models, etc.)

Our work involves both, the solution of generic problems by taking into account the general characteristics of given problems, and the solution of industrial problems which require developing specific tools.


Research topics

  • Physical flow and energy flow management
    • Flows in supply chains
    • Energy flows in the building
    • Flows in health care systems
    • Inventory management
  • Safety and risk management
    • Supervision, monitoring and reconfiguration of complex industrial systems
    • Diagnostics and maintenance
    • Risk Management


Application Areas

  • aeronautics
  • automotive, industrial vehicles
  • energy
  • health care systems
  • semiconductors

Research Projects

  • International Projects  : IMPROVE, CMCU Tunisia
  • National Projects
  • Industrial Projects
    • CIFRE : Renault, Eurocopter

Date of update July 12, 2023

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