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Programme - Journée du 4 septembre

Do you need maths for being operational ?

Journée thématique



Lieu : Amphi Gosse - 46 avenue Félix Viallet - Grenoble

organized jointly by the teams Combinatorial Optimization (OC) and Operational Research for Production Systems (ROSP) of the Laboratoire G-SCOP.

journée du 4 septembre
We would like to give an idea how discrete mathematics can be of use for solving real life problems, showing the necessity of mathematical tools and theorems for some of the most practical goals as well.

journée 4 septembre-2


9h15 Breakfast

9h45 Introduction
Nadia Brauner (ROSP) and András Seb? (OC)
We present our teams and some basics of our field, also in view of the topic of the day

10h30 Lecture by our Special Guest,
William Cook, University of Waterloo:
The Travelling Salesman Problem in Practice

Coffee break until 11h45

11h45 Nadia Brauner, G-SCOP ROSP
Star scheduling

14h15 Nicolas Bousquet, G-SCOP OC
From auctions to graph theory

15h00 Sylvia Boyd, University of Ottawa
Modelling a dvd-allocation problem

Coffee break until 16h00

16h00 Martin Charles Golumbic, Haifa University,
Graph coloring for register allocation in compilers

16h45 Discussion on the topic
"Do you need maths to be operational?"

End: Before 18h

We are looking forward to your presence !

The OC and ROSP teams

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