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Conception Produit Process
Laboratoire des Sciences pour la Conception, l'Optimisation et la Production de Grenoble
Conception Produit Process
Conception Produit Process

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Innomat Project

Innovation Management though integration of LCA Training Packages

The partners of the Project


Leader: Delft University of Technology TU Delft (Netherland)

Grenoble INP (France)
Université Grenoble Alpes (France)

Ghent University (Belgium)

Wuppertal Institute (Germany)

Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZAG (Slovenia)

Context et Objetive

Many companies are unaware of the size of the risks with regard to Critical Raw Materials (CRM’s) in their products or processes. In order to reduce their environmental impact due to legislation, demands of customers, stakeholders or intrinsic motivation, Life Cycle Assessments (LCA: an analytical tool used to model the environmental impacts) are conducted on these products and processes supported with quantitative information. LCA can provide information of the positive impacts of recycling, remanufacturing and re-use. However, a classical LCA is complex, usually for specialist, and requires expensive software. The aim of Innomat project is to develop an innovative LCA/CRM 2-day course that makes LCA and CRM analyses more accessible by SMEs, and other industries and easier to use.

“Train the trainers” target: universities, research institutions, and consultants

End-targets: SME’s, managers, designers, engineers, architects

Web links
EIT RawMaterials website

INNOMAT presentations and video recordings


  • Leader for G-SCOP: MANDIL Guillaume
  • Starts-Ends 1/1/2018 - 31/13/2019
  • Funding: EIT RawMaterials

Date of update October 20, 2020

Université Grenoble Alpes