A multidisciplinary laboratory

G-SCOP synergizes multiple disciplines to address the scientific challenges posed by the transformations in the industrial world. The laboratory's scope ranges from product design to production systems management, leveraging strong optimization skills.

G-SCOP is a multi-disciplinary laboratory designed to meet the scientific challenges posed by current and future changes in the industrial world.

The laboratory's scope ranges from product design to the management of production systems, drawing on strong skills in optimization.

G-SCOP is a benchmark laboratory in France in the field of production systems (the only CNRS UMR focused on production systems; entrusted by the ANR to steer thinking on the production systems of the future...) but also internationally, via its research networks (CIRP, Design society...) and its research projects linked to industry 5.0 and industrial renewal on a European scale.

The G-SCOP laboratory teams involved in this profile are recognized for their expertise in collaborative design and product lifecycle engineering. These include the use of new immersive technologies in product development, environmental analysis and eco-design methods, the integration of new manufacturing technologies into product design, the modeling of expertise and collaboration between expertises, collaborative information systems, model-based systems engineering, and the consideration of uncertainties in product design. The aim of these teams is to propose design and organization methods that enable us to understand and support the evolution of industry and emerging technologies, leading to new forms of consumption and production.