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Partnerships & Networks
Laboratory of Grenoble for sciences of conception, optimisation and production
Partnerships & Networks
Partnerships & Networks

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The laboratory collaborates with a variety of interesting partners

First of all, the laboratory supervises 3 entities:Grenoble INP, the NCSR and the Grenoble Alps University. The teachers-researchers of the laboratory are members of the following components: Industrial Engineering, ENSE3 and ENSIMAG for Grenoble INP; PHITEM, IM2AG, Polytech Grenoble and IUT 1 for the Grenoble Alps University. The laboratory is mainly attached to the NCSR Institute INS2I and also to the INSIS Institute.

The laboratory is also involved in numerous Institutional Partnerships. On one hand, it is involved in many academic networks either at local regional, national or at international levels. In addition, the laboratory is a partner of many institutional local projects (SEI projects of Grenoble INP, ..), regional projects (projects within the regional CRA...), national projects (ANR, FUI, ADEME, ...) or international projects (European projects, PHC, ...).

On the other hand, the laboratory has also concluded multiple Industrial Partnerships either within the frame of the institutional projects listed above or through bilateral partnerships.

Date of update November 4, 2016

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