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Product-Process Design
Product-Process Design

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Conception of an ‘eco-usage model’ to Personal Fabrication


In face of economics world changes emerges the concept of Personal Fabrication, a type of manufacturing that allows to produce a custom product according to each consumer desire and nowadays called by many authors the “New Industrial Revolution”. [Morris 2007] states that this revolution in manufacturing may be coming sooner than we expected and it could change the role of industrial design dramatically. The same author says that Personal Fabrication (PF) is the manufacturing of a product using a personal computer, digital data and machines that can produce three-dimensional custom objects. However, it can be observed that each day more and more people are equipping themselves with digital and manufacturing equipment to produce their own products and we do not know the consequences of this phenomenon for the environment and society. Sustaining efforts to employ research in this domain it seems necessary and urgent.

PhD candidate: Kleber Da SILVA BARROS
Université Grenoble-Alpes,
October 2014 - 2017
PhD supervisor:


Research process

Literature Review; Characterization, Observation and Experimentation (User Personal Profiles, 3d-printing location; 3d-print Technology and Products); Result Analysis and Model design.

Expected results

  • Studying, analysing and comprehend Personal Fabrication system and its variabilities;
  • Designing an "eco-use model" to guide new users in Personal Fabrication taking into account the less harmful way to the environment and the user profile.

Last Update 2016.01.18

Date of update January 18, 2016

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