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Product-Process Design
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Product-Process Design
Product-Process Design

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Eco-design of manufacturing processes in the microelectronic industry


The microelectronic industry has been engaged for a long time in measures to reduce its impacts on the environment, regarding all the life cycle phases of its products. For the manufacturing sites, the logical follow-ups to the implementation of pollutions treatment systems are their anticipation. The eco-design of microelectronic technologies, that is the integration of environmental parameters in their development process, enables to meet this objective. The aim of our research work is to environmentally characterize the microelectronic manufacturing processes to propose tools and methods for their designers. Therefore, we modeled a microelectronic technology, and we matched environmental impacts with its inputs and outputs. This allows us to suggest environmental indicators for the R&D, which are adapted to a microelectronic development and manufacturing site.

PhD student: Ingwild BAUDRY
Grenoble University, 2010
Director: Daniel BRISSAUD
Parteners : Région Rhône-Alpes, STMicroelectronics Crolles

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The objective is to design tools and methodologies for the R&D to quantify the environmental impacts generated by microelectronic processes, from the first stages of the technology development, in order to control them. The final goal is to anticipate the environmental impacts of the future technologies by eco-designing them.


  • Study of a recent microelectronic technology 
  • Flows inventory 
  • Proposition of suitable environmental indicators 
  • Proposition of an eco-design tool 

Test of the tool on the latest technology


Environmental analysis of a recent technology

  • Study of two data collection methods (top-down, bottom-up)
  • Chemicals consumptions during the steps of the processes
  • Study of the other inputs / outputs flows


Development of a tool with suitable environmental indicators
Quantity of process gas consumed in a workshop during the production of one wafer, quantity of process gas consumed for a full wafer...

       => Compare the technologies
       => Anticipate the future environmental impacts

Date of update February 26, 2015

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