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Product-Process Design

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EcoUse Project

[legende-image]1383921700559[/legende-image] User centred ecodesign


To develop an ecodesign method that integrate and involve the user in the design of product with restricted impact on the environment.

Project leaders: Daniel BRISSAUD, Lucie DOMINGO
Duration: 2010-2013

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  • Combining existing user models in order to integrate the emotional aspect of use and to make them compatible with ecodesign
  • Base on user model, propose an environmental assessment of the product use
  • From literature, provide guidelines to improve product use phase



EcoUse proposes a design method that integrate user and environmental performance during design which includes:

  • A use model: User, Product and Scenario
  • A segmentation
  • An environmental and emotional assessment of product design
  • Guidelines to improve product design

Date of update February 26, 2015

Université Grenoble Alpes