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Collaborative Design
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Collaborative Design
Collaborative Design

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Follow-up survey 2nd PUBLISH-ED Workshop to foster Publication in Engineering Design

Q1. What did you do with your paper since last February 2012 ? Did you (Multi reply is possible)

If "Other", could you explain ?

Q2. In which journal did you submit your paper or would you like to do so ?

Which one ?

Q3. If you have reworked your workshop paper, did you precisely know which points must be absolutely improved to meet the requirements of the targeted journal ?
(4 levels of scale) :

Q4. Have you encountered any difficulty to improve these points ? If yes, which one ?

Q5. Which practices did you gain when writting a peer-journal paper, would you be now able to implement them and explain them? For example, structure of paper, explanation of the theoretical gap :

Q6. After going through the different steps following the workshop (reworking and submitting the paper), do you have any suggestions on how to enrich the content of the PUBLISH-ED Workshop in the future ?

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Date of update December 20, 2013

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