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GISEMENT : Design for Integrated Solid Waste Management _
(Gestion Intégrée des déchets SolidEs pour Moins d'impacts sur l'EnvironneMENT)



GISEMENT aims at implementing a method for optimizing integrated solid waste management and for promoting solid waste recovery and recycling.

Partners of GISMENT

The partners of GISEMENT are deux companies and a research laboratory. SIBUET Environnement is the leader of the project.

Context and Objectives

The project focuses on non-hazardous wastes coming from collection sites in France. The aim of this project is to increase the quantity and quality of reusable materials by optimizing the production chain for combustible and scrap metal, and to find the best way(s) for recovering “fines” which are currently disposed as a final waste.
This project will highlight that the composition of the three sub-products (combustible for cement industry, scrap metal and fines) is interdependent, and that changes on one sub-product can impact the others. It will be shown that simple design or collection recommendations could improve significantly the value of the sub-products.
The GISEMENT project is a partnership between two French companies: SIBUET Environnement, a recycler, and RMIS, a recycling equipment manufacturer , and a French laboratory, G-SCOP, specialized in Eco-design."

Over the project

GISEMENT was initiated in March 2014 . at the present time partners are studying solid waste flow coming in SIBUET Environnement Company. Their aim is to find the optimal recovery paths.


  • Financing: BPI France       
  • Leader: SIBUET Environnement
  • Duration: March 2014 à January 2016

Date of update November 4, 2014

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