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Product-Process Design
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Product-Process Design
Product-Process Design

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Lean process design for assistive technology product to people with disabilities (PWD)


Problems experienced by PWD using available assistive technology products:

  • High cost to acquire assistive technology products with good quality or well adapted to the PWD needs
  • Low quality and/or adaptability of standardized products to the PWD needs
  • Assistive Technology products abandonment by PWD due to changes in their needs, product performance problems and even the product acceptance lack etc.).

PhD candidate: Marcel de GOIS PINTO
Université Grenoble-Alpes, Juin 2013 – Mai 2016
PhD supervisors: François VILLENEUVE, Guillaume THOMANN


Research Process

  • Identify and evaluate design approaches used in the assistive products design
  • Start the development of a lean design method to assistive technology products conception
  • Evaluate or validate the method in order to verify its applicability (A2M, GI-Nova and enterprises)

Expected Results

  • Develop and test a design method for assistive technology products witch integrates the variables cost and product variability to enable adaptability to the PWD needs
  • Contribute with the development of companies, research institutes and others organizations motivated to develop assistive technology products for PWD
  • Consider a method that allows its utilization out of the assistive technology product design context.
Last update 2015.02.23

Date of update February 23, 2015

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