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Product-Process Design
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Product-Process Design
Product-Process Design

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Lifecycle modelling to favour ecodesign of products along several lives


The purpose is to establish a methodology to design products with multiple use phases, in different applications. Multiple use phases must lead to more environmentally-friendly products because of the minimization of the impacts related to manufacturing and end-of-life stages. The economic advantages associated with the use of one product instead of two will be highlighted.
To develop and illustrate this methodology, lithium-ion batteries will be used as a case study. Today, these batteries are used in electric vehicles. A second use in stationary applications may be considered.

PhD candidate: Tom BAUER
Université Grenoble-Alpes, 2015
PhD supervisor: Peggy ZWOLINSKI
PhD co-supervisors: Guillaume MANDIL, Élise NAVEAUX (CEA - infos)

Partnership: Grenoble INP, CEA, ARC8 (Région Rhône-Alpes)


Research Process

  • Specify "Design-2-Live" product typologies
  • Collect the design requirements
  • Characterize the end of the first use
  • Set the industrial chain model to implement

Expected results

Develop a methodology to design products with successive use phases in distinct applications.


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Date of update September 27, 2016

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