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Product-Process Design
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Product-Process Design
Product-Process Design

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Mesoscopic study of the interaction tool mechanical/piece and contribution to the dynamic behaviour of the system machining


The ploughing effect appears frequently in machining. It influences the quality of machined surface, tool life and dynamical behavior of machining system. But modeling of ploughing is difficult as it is always coupled with the cutting effect. Nevertheless there could be found different ploughing models in scientific literature. But their correlation with experimental data is not easy and mostly of them is not adapted to the dynamical analysis of machining system. In the thesis we developed a new ploughing force model and proposed a methodology for its correlation with experimentation. This methodology was also validated for associated cutting force model. The ploughing and cutting force models with a dynamical model of machining system and kinematic model of surface formation were used in evaluation of impact of ploughing and extrusion effects on the dynamical behavior of machining system. The associated damping model was proposed.

PhD student: Dmitry BONDARENKO
Grenoble University, 2010
Directors : Henri PARIS and Alexandre GOUSKOV (UTBM of Moscou)
Partnership: UTBM, Moscou

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Date of update February 26, 2015

Université Grenoble Alpes