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Product-Process Design
Laboratory of Grenoble for sciences of conception, optimisation and production
Product-Process Design
Product-Process Design

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Product-Process Design


New digital opportunities ("internet of things", "cloud computing", "big data" ...), the development of circular economy, the reorganization of production means, recycling and re-production, and the growing demand for sustainable development are inevitably transforming products and production systems and questioning the way future products and systems should be designed. With an approach based on integrating design on manufacturing in order to boost environmental performance, the CPP team develops models and offers design methods and organizations in line with emerging technologies leading to new forms of consumption and production. [To know more about our activities]



EcoSD Annual Thematic Workshop

G-SCOP Laboratory, in partnership with Orange, is hosting the Annual Thematic Wokshop of the EcoSD network, on March 25th 2016



Thesis offerings from G-SCOP laboratory

Running and defensed thesis

Consult the PPD team thesis


LEADSUS European project
The general objective of the project is to transfer and integrate sustainability leadership skills to European industry and institutions.

Projet ERN - European Remanufacturing Network
The aim of the project is to grow this important activity which is a key component of the circular economy and vital to make European industry more resilient to global competition.

Development of a sustainable end of life scenario for the Membrane-Electrode Assembly (MEA) of fuel cell.

Date of update February 1, 2017

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