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Product-Process Design
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Product-Process Design
Product-Process Design

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Quality Management in Additive Manufacturing using EBM process and TA6V


Additive manufacturing technologies are still young and need to be mastered at best to become efficient tools. This thesis takes source from this aim: control the quality of EBM additive manufacturing process. This process and its complexity makes it more difficult to validate the quality of a part (mechanical properties, for instance) without testing directly (and bring the risk of damage).

PhD candidate: Alexandre PIAGET
Université Grenoble-Alpes, 2015
PhD supervisor: Henri PARIS
PhD co-supervisor: Matthieu MUSEAU

Partnership: G-SCOP  

Research Process

  • Put in light harmful effects. Understand what affects additive manufactured part in a good way or not, and how.
  • Study the impact of these parameters to particular cases. Observe and characterize the influence that can have a setting on geometry, material integrity of some part type (full, architected, trellises, etc.)
  • Certification process for material integrity and / or geometry. Think about and implement a process that is able to validate the material integrity of parts and / or its geometry.

Expected Results

  • Creation of a qualification tool. A tool able to validate the properties of a design and a material without necessarily testing directly the part.
  • Classification of parameters and their impacts. In order to better understand and apprehend the various defaults and problems that can affect parts made by EBM

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Date of update January 13, 2016

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