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Operations Research for Production Systems
Laboratory of Grenoble for sciences of conception, optimisation and production
Operations Research for Production Systems
Operations Research for Production Systems


Thématique ROSP: Transport et localisation

Study of facility location, network design and pickup and delivery routing problems.

Description de la thématique

Our interest is on the study of facility location (i.e. depots, stores, warehouses, etc.), network design, pickup and delivery routing, for both freight and passengers.

In network design, our aim is to develop efficient methods based on modeling, analysis, simulation and optimization in order to design multimodal service network of goods and/or people.

In this domain, we are dealing with:
  • Multiple transportation modes, uncertainties, risks and sustainable development issues in multi-objective problems;
  • Modeling of the problems with operations research tools (graphs, mathematical programming, discrete-event systems, etc.);
  • Analysis of the theoretical complexity of problems;
  • Development of exact and heuristic simulation and optimization methods.
Space location problems are important in various fields of optimization such as warehouse location. The problem is to optimally locate facilities among a given set of possible locations. Several criteria can be optimized like opening and operating costs.

Service network design problems consist of planning the transportation services offered by an airline company or any transport company in order to maximize product or passenger flows at lower logistics costs.

Pickup and delivery routing problems generally allow transportation service companies to optimize their routes and their pickup and delivery operations in the city.

Nowadays these problems are crucial due to the incresing of e-commerce and public transportation as well as the high pressure to reduce logistics costs (ever-increasing price of fuel and energy) and environmental impacts (emission of greenhouse gases, noise, environmental tax). This particularly true in the city with the problems of urban logistics and last kilometer distribution for freight.


  • Works in network design with resources management started in 2006 with collaboration with Airbus.
  • Distribution problem considering uncertainties with Air Liquide in 2009.
  • Flight planning problem with the LICIT (INRETS) in order to minimize trajectory conflicts and to optimize the routing (reduction of carbon emissions).
  • Air transport organization with Amadeus.
  • Study of the distribution of fresh agricultural products within a short and local supply chain, in collaboration with the Conseil Général de l'Isère and several Chambres d'Agriculture.
  • Reusable container management (boxes, palets, cartons, etc.)
  • Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) as flat panel displays, home appliances, mobile phones and tablet computers, etc.
  • Optimization of (solar) electric vehicle charging and also location of vehicle and charging stations.
  • Study of facility location and routing problems with IMAGINA International.

Thèses en cours

  • Hervé Guillou,  Design and management of a supply chain for solar electric vehicles charging
  • Guillaume Massonnet, Stochastic approximation algorithms for multi-echelon inventory management
  • Maxime Ogier, Simulation / optimization coupling for decision-making support in a global and sustainable supply chain (supported by Région Rhône-Alpes)
  • David Rey, Minimization of potential air conflicts with speed regulations

Date of update January 26, 2015


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Key words

Transport, Facility location


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