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Collaborative Design
Laboratory of Grenoble for sciences of conception, optimisation and production
Collaborative Design
Collaborative Design

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Collaborative Design Team

To understand, to model and to design the futur of collaborative design in industry

We define interactions as all actions aiming at exchanging knowledge, negotiating constraints, sharing information or proposing new solutions, etc...

These interactions can take place in an informal setting (eg skype sessions) or more formal (project meeting). They unfold as well as inside departments (internal) as in project team (cross-functional), or between partners from different companies (multi-partners). Experts are then co-located or distributed in remote sites and are placed in synchronous work situations (workshops) or asynchronous (concurrent work).
Rooted in a background in design engineering team that focused on the specificity collaboration between experts in R & D departments our production takes place in the context of

  • the knowledge economy and increased efforts in R & D globalization of design teams the increasing complexity of industrial systems
  • the structural changes of production Time-to-Market and cooperation environments .

    We welcome doctoral students in engineering, cognitive sciences, management sciences or computer science.

    We are involved in design science engineering (mechanical engineering, industrial engineering) in close connection with organizational sciences and information sciences and communication (CSCW, product information, HCI).

Date of update January 26, 2015

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