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Product-Process Design
Laboratory of Grenoble for sciences of conception, optimisation and production
Product-Process Design
Product-Process Design

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Ecodesign ressources

Ecodesign workspace

The product process design group is actively involved in the Design for Environment (DfE) workshspace located in the Gi-Nova Fab-Lab (plateform of AIP PRIMECA Daufiné-Savoie). This space focuses on the product with several machines for gauging and manipulation, and software enabling environmental analysis.

Life Cycle Analysis

The Design for Environment workshop has some famous software (SIMAPRO, EIME,…) allowing life cycle assessment of products, services or processes.
There is also a software for assembly/disassembly (DFMA), completed with tools that are used for (dessoudage) of electric components.

The DfE workshop has resources to elaborate product assessment, architecture and composition of products, material analysis, and energy consumption studies.


The DfE workshop just acquired a plastic material detection machine. It is used to characterize different kind of plastic used in the industry. With its infrared ray detection system, but also the spark detection system, the MiroSpark is able to define a wide sample panel from the transparent plastic film, to the dark plastic or textiles.

Together, these tools allow different gauging (characterization, product lifecycle assessment impacts, energy evaluation,…) and proposals to optimize ecodesign.

Date of update March 13, 2015

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