EMIRAcle: Leadership in Sustainability

The general objective of this program is to transfer and integrate a new skill at the level of European industry and institutions.

Specific objectives:
  1. Adaptation, harmonization and refinement of existing training material (Environmental Management System, Business Management, IDesigner) and Integration into a professional training program dedicated to professionals from companies, institutions and VET organizations;
  2. Achievement of EU Certification of the new traing program and job role as Sustainability Manager within the ECQA framework.
  3. E-learning platform creation within ECQA framework and allowing training for different trainees on sustainability management from different EU locations in sustainability management.
  4. Extension Capability Adviser - Process Management Software Tool to support Sustainability Management assessment process.
  5. Testing/piloting the training program in Romania and France
  6. Building the capacity  in Sustainability Management in topic in Romania, Slovenia, and Franceby traing future trainers (15 persons) and future Sustainablity Manager (110 persons)
On the following skillcard, you can find all the units and elements, the grey ones being reserved to the foundation level and the yellow being reserved for the advanced level
Leadsus skill card 2
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