Entrepreneurship: Training Program

ResEUr courses are divided into Units, each unit containing several elements. Unit 1: Shaping Ideas
  1. Key Success Factors for Entrepreneurship
  2. Forming the Mindset for Innovation
  3. Methods for structuring Ideas

Unit 2: Innovation Transfer
  1. Creating joint Visions of Products and Services
  2. From Prototypes to Products and Services
  3. Business Potential Profiling
  4. Preparing Innovation Transfer Contracts

Unit 3: Knowledge Networking
  1. Complementary Skills Networking
  2. Business and Services Networking
  3. Use of Web 2.0

Unit 4: Empowerment by Learning
  1. Organisation Environments
  2. Openness and Team Learning
  3. Leadership and Team Motivation Factors
  4. Social Skills paired with Technical Abilities

Unit 5: Facilitators of Entrepreneurship
  1. European Facilitators of Entrepreneurship
  2. National Facilitators of Entrepreneurship

Unit 6: Selected Aspects
  1. Risk Consideration and Mitigation
  2. Open Innovation
  3. etc.