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Entrepreneurship: Training Services

1 - MOOC

ResEUr is available on line on the ECQA platform. You can access the course and read the material downloading the "notice ResEUr".

However, to participate in exercises and forums with the trainers and other participants, you need to register to an e-learning course. 


Offering the same content as seminars, but with additional assignments and homework, through the use of an online learning management system. The exercises done as homework are discussed on-line in groups and moderated by the trainer, so that the exchange of knowledge and experience is leveraged to a maximum. All trainings are modular, based on learning elements as a minimum unit of modularity. All ECQA certified trainers and training organizations are trained to provide the same content for each learning element.
To know the next sheduled e-learning sessions and to get the registration form, send a mail to


Providing lectures on training content, examples and best practices. The minimum duration for teaching each element is 45 minutes.


Aimed at participants who want to extend the training scope of the seminars by further genuine practical examples, which they typically bring along from their own experiences and professional work environments.

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