General Presentation RAC8

The Rhone-Alps region, in the frame of its 2012-2015 regional strategy on University Education, Research and Innovation has created a new support system on Research called Research Academic Community (RAC). Eight RACs were created. The definition of the scientific perimeters is largely based on the European Union Europe 2020 » strategic document.

Since January 1st 2012, the Gospi cluster along with the 12 « Territory and social Dynamics » cluster form the RAC 8 called Industrialisation and Government sciences.

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Support system website :


Study new modes of economic and social development, the necessary pilot systems as well as the social and industrial transformations that can make the Rhone-Alps region a government and industrialisation science laboratory :

To redefine the organisations performance
Invent new « values », new « products, new « economies » and new « partnerships» Experiment new procedures of public action
Evaluate and develop private and public leading tools
Define the notion of social and public responsibility
Analyse the uncertainty within the world of public decisions and markets
Integrate the European and international dimensions

Scientific Axes

To lead the industrial eco-systems
Industrial performance
Production system management and organisation
Sustainable supply chain
Production optimisation and lean manufacturing
International comparison
Enterprise information system
Products and sustainable services conception and innovation                                Eco-innovation, eco-conception and co-conception methods
Innovation management
Innovation, uses and acceptability
Processes carried out by the actors
Sustainable products and services
Management of the products and services life cycle

Social and public responsibility
New industrial, economic, functional and CSR organisations
Development and growth of the SMEs and MSCs
Mutations, work and employment quality
Social action audience : consideration, identification and mutation
Accountability : health, accommodation, security
Social and supporting economy transformations

Lead the innovation processes
Clusters and competitiveness poles
Measure of the use of the public politic procedures and collective actions
Innovation and entrepreneurship
Academic research to fight failure in school
Political decision making : models, controversy, experiences
The Political Economy Europeanisation

The government "engineering"
Strategy and management measures: financing, training, designing, material support
Organisations: between sciences and communication
European models for political leading
Democratic principles transformation                                                                          Associative world
Groups of interest: genesis, resources, uses

Modern social dynamics
Youth and life styles
Disruptive phenomena and ordinary socialisation processes
Work and employment