Idea2Enterprise: Target Group

I2E addresses four target groups

Students :

Students who are conducting challenging research and want to know what it takes to turn the results into innovations that will be successful on the market. They want to include these considerations from the very early stages in order to maximise their impact along your way, and to be able to capitalise on their success in a young enterprise.


Creative Minds :

Their ideas are the grains of successful entrepreneurship. They want to know how to shape their ideas in a way that they can be turned into innovations providing a sound basis for the creation of a successful enterprise. They are interested in how to construct and capitalise on your personal people network in order to involve experts and future clients and collaborators in the implementation of your ideas as early as possible.


Young Entrepreneurs :

Entrepreneurs who want to boost their innovation power by creating a learning organisation, leveraging open innovation and capitalising on people networks.