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"An excellent training which provides a very interesting and useful approach to design in a corporate environment to fulfill companies' needs. Especially systems thinking, and the awareness of the importance of the integration of different stakeholders from the complete product life-cycle are transmitted. iDesigner closes the gap in today's educational and training offer."

Martin NEUMANN Innovation Manager at Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG, Germany



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"Holistic approaches taking into account all life-cycle phases and aspects characterize the rapidly evolving paradigms of product creation. The success of industrial companies depends on being able to follow this development. For product developers in the companies it is indispensible extending their knowledge accordingly and Photo C. Kind_118x158advancing their professional attitudes towards an integrated view on product creation processes. iDesigner puts the participants in this position and introduces the topics of Integrated Design by a sound mixture of theoretical background information and well guided practical exercises. Also for experienced engineers and other stakeholders in the product creation process, this training gives a comprehensive overview and opens new perspectives of design."

Christian KIND, Head of Process Management, Pumacy Technologies AG, Germany

Christian KIND