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Thèse Timo LAUDAN

Auteur : Timo LAUDAN
Directeur de thèse : Michel TOLLENAERE
Co Directeur : Mickael GARDONI
Date : 14 octobre 2008

"Context-oriented Product Development : collaboration between the Business and Engineering Domain
An Invertigation with a Focus onProject & Engineering-Based Organisations"

"Early requirements analysis in context of project and eninneering-based organisations deals with the establishment of the top-level definition of the project's product. Literature shows that communication and coordination is challenging in conjunction with visualisation and representation of knowledge in a cross-community constellation of business and Product Development (PD) teams concerned with early requirement analysis. Recently debated formalisms insight software and systems engineering community produce (coherent) intentional models that aim at increasing rationalisation and confidence in engineering definitions using the concept of goals.But most goal-oriented approaches fall short in establishing usable intentional structures that are able to provide the transparency for supporting continuously business-engineering evolutions within collaboration and knowledge conversions along a PD process. In this sense; the present thesis provides a complementing approach that emphasises on business and engineering collaboration and knowledge conversions. In this context a knowledge-driven concept is proposed that anchors a value-oriented orgaisation of intentional structures (i.e. business needs and expectations) and traces to engineerins definitions. in addition, this concept serves the organisation and représentation of knowledge ans illustrates how to perform valuation and verifications of intentional structures implemented in forms of requirements.
This work was developes along a hybrid action research methodology that employs an empirical study and two industrial application cases."