Vignette séminaire ROSP

Midi ROSP le 22 octobre à 12h - Hugo Joudrier

Le prochain midi ROSP se déroulera le jeudi 22 octobre à 12h en salle C319 avec un exposé de Hugo Joudrier (G-SCOP) avec pour titre "Guaranteed Global Deterministic Optimization and Constraint Programming for Complex Dynamic Design Problems".

Guaranteed Global Deterministic Optimization and Constraint Programming
for Complex Dynamic Design Problems

In this talk, I present my work about guaranteed methods to solve some multi-physics (mechanic, magnetic, electronic...) dynamic design problems. The engineering science needs to get some tools to help the decision making during the development stages.

These problems contain two type of constraints :
  • Algebraic constraints : used to describe the components from a static point of view (size, weight, density, volume, stiffness...). They usually stem from the engineering and are non-convex, sometimes non continuous.
  • Functional constraints : are used to describe some physico-chemical properties (electric, mecanic, electromagnetic, thermal, kinetics...), wear or any modelable features evolving with the component use. They are usually described by some ordinary differential equations.
Piecewise ordinary differential equations : in addition to this complexity, I also consider these particular differential constraints wich are useful to model some dynamic behaviors with some changing phases depending from the state of the components.

The multi-objective optimization is motivated by handling some conflicting objectives because design problems oftenly involves multiple criteria such as investment, profit, quality, efficiency, operation time...

The guaranteed global deterministic method used to solve these optimization problems is based on :
  1. Interval Arithmetic
  2. Tube Arithmetic
  3. Guaranteed Integration Schemes
  4. Constraint Programming
  5. Interval Branch and Bound

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