Séminaire ROSP le jeudi 7 avril à 14h - salle C319 à Grenoble INP - Nicolas Zufferey (Université de Genève)

Titre : "Planning and Simulation of Inventory Deployment for Luxury Watches"
Résumé :
The considered project aims at managing the dispatching of luxury watches of a well-known watch brand around the globe. More precisely, the company would like to improve its way to dispatch the produced watches from the factory to the different shops, while different perturbations can occur. The considered supply chain is composed of three different levels: the factory, the wholesalers and the shops. The customers can only buy the watches at the different shops, which are located worldwide. Three types of perturbations are encountered on the supply chain: (1) on the demand (i.e. there is a gap between the forecasted and the actual demands); (2) on the production plan (e.g., delays); (3) on the dispatching of the watches at the wholesalers’ level (i.e. the watches are not always delivered at the expected location). These perturbations are respectively due to the behavior of the customers, the suppliers and the wholesalers. An exact method is designed to model the problem without perturbations. Solution methods are proposed to solve realistic instances, where the exact method is not able to provide solutions in a fair amount of time. Results show the relevance of the methods and the robustness of the solutions. Managerial insights are also given.