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A multidisciplinary laboratory
Laboratory of Grenoble for sciences of conception, optimisation and production
A multidisciplinary laboratory
A multidisciplinary laboratory

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Optimization and Production system

Optimization and Production Systems

Objectives : Research to improve the design and management of production systems through modelling, model analysis and the development of powerful optimisation tools

Combinatorial Optimization

Finding a better solution among a very wide range of possibilities   

Combinatorial structures

Through structural or strong characterisation theories, we analyse combinatorial problems with a view to developing generic or tailor-made resolution methods. Examples: partitioning or coverage, graph colouring, disjointed paths, network reliability, polyhedron completeness, travelling salesman problem, vehicle routing problem, diversity management. 

Operational Research for Production Systems

Developing effective methods to optimise the operation of production systems


At each decision-making stage - product design, logistics chain design, production and transport planning, scheduling of activities - optimisation issues arise. When faced with these complex problems, the development of powerful optimisation tools becomes a crucial factor in company performance. 

Production System Management and Operation

Facing up to unforeseen hazards to ensure the successful operation of production systems.

Controlling dynamic systems: 

Assessing performance and managing flows in an optimal manner, diagnostics, operational security (maintenance and risk management), resilience in the event of unforeseen hazards, monitoring and dynamic reconfiguration. Application to industrial problems: logistics chain, product diversity, operation and monitoring of energy flows, hospital systems, ...   









Date of update June 8, 2012

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