EMIRACLE : Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is not only a management philosophy, it is also an application of an enormous number of tools in the right way. Six Sigma contains many sophisticated analytical and statistical tools. On top of that is the human factor. Within Six Sigma, employees can be trained at various Belt levels. Nowadays these levels are also used to estimate how experienced one is in applying Lean methodology. These levels are called Master Black Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt, Orange Belt and Yellow Belt.

Although there are several companies worldwide that train in Lean and Six Sigma, there is no common standard in what elements should be applied within a certain belt. As a consequence, the Belt-levels can mean many things. You can train your employees or hire people who call themselves Green Belt or Black Belt, but how do you know this person has the skills you are looking for? How Green is your Black Belt?

To meet this problem, the Lean Six Sigma Academy (LSSA) has established a common European certification standard by developing skill sets, training material and an exam portal. The ASQ - Body of Knowledge has been taken as a baseline and updated according to the latest insights. EMIRAcle is a founding member of LSSA, and is actively promoting LSSA e-learning and classroom trainings and certifications on an international level.

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