A project on flow optimization in truck assembly industry (August 2011 - December 2014)
Project Description
The objective of the project  is to develop novel  technical and  organizational methods for the resolution of the flow management problems encountered in the truck assembly industry, thereby achieving a lean and cost efficient flow management between the assembly plant and the suppliers. The related consortium is based in the Rhône Alpes region, which has the highest subcontracting activities in the automotive sector in France. The  assembly plant of Renault Trucks at Bourg en Bresse will be the testing ground for the project.

Contribution of G-SCOP
Our involvement in the project is mainly related to the sequencing of trucks on the assembly line.  We are developping new sequencing algorithms which take into account the  real workload required for each assembly task, in a context with  high product diversity and high deviation in task operating times

Industrial Partners  : Renault Trucks, Mecacorp, Piroux Industrie , 2MCP

Academic Partners : IFMA Clermont Ferrand, ENISE Saint Etienne