EMIRACLE : Entrepreneurship

The motivation for this innovative training and certification program lies in the lack of a European-wide valid set of training modules and certification of entrepreneurial skills of young academic people. Europe is far from exploiting its potential of successful entrepreneurship in higher education, because it often fails to mobilise the right innovative resources and young brains. Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship are closely linked to one another, and they are considered as the keys to a wealthy and sustainable economy.


The best way to turn research into innovation is to consider key innovation factors from the earliest phases of research all along the way to products and services. Creating successful and sustainable enterprises is then the logical next step, which can be leveraged significantly by the early sensitisation of creative minds for entrepreneurship.

The ECQA Certified Researcher-Entrepreneur training and certification program  covers all the key aspects that are associated with these considerations upfront the process of the creation of a new enterprise, as well as with the boosting of the innovation power of existing companies. It aims at delivering to innovative researchers the qualification to determine if their work and/or their ideas have a market potential, as well as to be able to create a commercial interest for what they are doing.

To this aim, it deals with the following key subjects:

  • The process of shaping ideas,
  • The innovation transfer to bring research to innovation,
  • The knowledge networking leveraged by people networks,
  • The creation of learning organisation environments,
  • The European and national facilitators of entrepreneurship,
  • The risk consideration and mitigation, etc.


The Entrepreneurship Partners