EMIRAcle : Training

MOOC : A new form of training

EMIRAcle surfs on the MOOC wave with its ECQA certified courses. A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a model for delivering learning content online to any person who wants to take a course, with no limit on attendance. Most MOOCs are structured similar to traditional online higher education courses in which students watch lectures, read assigned material, participate in online forums, and complete tests on the course material. The objective is to spread knowledge across the world.

EMIRAcle has been surfing on the wave with courses like iDesigner, resEUr, LSSA and SafEUr since 2009.

Indeed, all of these free online courses, diffused on the e-learning ECQA Platform, consist of a mix of theory, exercises and open forums between trainers and trainees. Our international courses are available in 5 languages, amongst which French and English. Attendants receive a certification and have the opportunity to become trainers themselves.

For years, Grenoble Institute of Technology and different foreign institutions have successfully deployed our programs and several iDesigner trainees have become trainers.

ECQA Trainings

Academy encompasses our services in the areas of education, professional training, qualification and certification in the fields of Manufacturing and Innovation. As a network of university institutions that work closely with industry on a wide international level, we have a large perspective and deep insight into the current und upcoming educational and training needs of industry. We tailor our academy activities and services to match these needs. The spectrum of these activities is very large, ranging from long-term adaptation of university curricula, review of lectures and training sessions given by our members, to job role-based qualification and certification.
Collaborative training

Customised training

One of our greatest strengths, mainly due to the flexibility of our organisation as well as our wide range of competencies, is the possibility of offering training customised to the particular needs of your organisation. We define the training topics and schedules together with you. We have identified a great need for job role-based training, qualification and certification in the manufacturing industry.

Qualification and Certification

The increasing complexity and multidisciplinarity of products, along with stringent quality requirements, have forced product development organisations to cope with the limitations of existing professional education and skill certification schemes. Together with industrial partners, we are defining the skill requirements of these modern professions, in order to establish a set of training modules and qualification criteria to be accepted across Europe.
Certification is provided by accredited certification institutions, with the entire qualification and certification process supported by a powerful IT skill portal provided and maintained by the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA).

Remote and Interactive Seminars

Based on our powerful videoconference facilities, we can offer training sessions and seminars for local and/or remote participation. Participants can join one of their national EMIRAcle member labs to participate, or they can connect directly to the distributed session using their own systems. This saves time and money and enables a large community with diverse expertise profiles to participate in the sessions.

Recorded Seminars

Every session carried out using our videoconferencing facilities can be recorded. We are continuously extending our offerings of recorded seminars, training sessions, conferences, etc.